Carbuncle Cup - the annual circus of architectural luddism

Another year, another Carbuncle Cup shortlist, and another set of evidence that this award has pretty much lost all credibility as a genuine spotlight on the "worst building", and is quite obviously now just an exercise in bashing contemporary styles.

For a web guy, I've got a pretty rubbish website, part 2

In which I ramble for a while about some projects I'm working on which will hopefully be pretty cool, except they're not done yet, which is less cool.

For a web guy, I've got a pretty rubbish website, part 1

Lately I've been applying for jobs, and as a web guy, I've been rather on the fence about including this website on my CV. It's usually on there, because it would be easily googled anyway, but I'm slightly aware that it's not really doing me any favours.

So here, with an obvious eye on potential-employer-readers, is a little rambling on the topic. Here's hoping that if I can't have an amazing website, a few words on how and why this website is kind of rubbish, revealing along the way a bit of my approach to "web stuff" - specifying and gathering requirements, information architecture, technical choices and so on - may prove at least a different kind of professionally convincing.

Thames Barrier

Dawn on Waterloo Bridge

Ah, a clear, crisp winter's dawn on Waterloo Bridge. Marvellous cityscape.

City of London skyline, dawn


Went here and took photos.

Boats / Stromness house