Back bed progress in July

Vine weevils and an uncharacteristically dry summer are causing concern, but I add a few plants anyway, because I'm addicted now.

Sun-dappled fuchsia

Side bed progress in July

Checking in on the side bed, where the spring flowers' colours have all gone, but some even more extravagant colours have replaced them.

Phlox and Alstroemeria

Finally some inspiration for the front bed

In the front bed, the cheap summer flowers from the supermarket are out, but generate little excitement at first, as I search for a plan or inspiration for this area...


Back bed in June: evolution, imagination and irrigation

A look at the continuing progress to build a "woodland floor" planting in my shady back bed.

Back bed with sarcococca 'winter gem' and heucherella 'Alabama sunrise' added

A parental donation of plants

A generous donation of plants from the parental garden.

Acanthus mollis moved to the side bed

So I started gardening, part 3: the front bed

A look at the state of my sunniest flowerbed on "day one" of my gardening adventures.

Front bed - removed all the wannabe trees

So I started gardening, part 2: the side bed and a survey of 'weeds'

A look at my side bed and a survey of all the 'weeds' that have thrived during the several years of neglect.

Side bed - before

So I started gardening, part 1: the back bed

A look at the unpromising back bed on day 1 of my gardening journey: dry, shady, and choked with dead leaves and/or ivy and/or wannabe-trees.

Back bed - before