So I started gardening, part 3: the front bed

In part 1 I introduced you to the shady back bed, and in part 2 to the side bed. Time now to look at what is probably my "prime real estate", certainly in terms of the amount of sunshine recieved: the front bed.

Alas, I did not think to stop and take a true "before" shot. These are the closest I have, but I'd already removed wannabe-trees from about half of it:

Front bed - beforeFront bed gets evening sun

Here we see the de-treeing process near completion:

Front bed - removed all the wannabe trees

In terms of existing plants, I didn't need any help to identify the two lavender bushes. Some of the other weeds are as previous identified in the side bed. Some other weeds, and indeed some other seemingly chosen / ornamental plants, remain unidentified.

Much as buying the tiarella 'Pink skyrocket' had been a mini revelation, I knew I couldn't realistically afford to fill this garden with full price garden centre specimens. Bear in mind it's rental as well, so I can't depreciate my investment across an entire plant lifetime of enjoyment, only the 2-3 years I'm reasonably confident of staying here / being allowed to stay here. So all my expenditure is a bit of a gamble at best, or rather stupid of me at worst. As such, the three trays of cheap summer flowers for £5 outside Asda seemed like a good way to brighten up this straggly, overgrown bed for minimum outlay.

Here it is after planting them:

Front bed with temporary (non)flowers

I chose trays mostly not in bloom, on the basis that must mean they were yet to bloom, so I would get the full value of them, rather than half of their flowering time being already used up sat on the shelf. This logic turned out to be pretty well accurate, but it does mean the photo at this stage really doesn't show much visible difference at all.

In fact, it will be a while before anything much happens here, to create any inspiration for this space. I return my attentions to the back bed.