I flew into the Andalusian port city of Málaga hoping for a week of sunshine, history, architecture and landscape.

My choice had raised a few eyebrows amongst my better-travelled contemporaries. Wasn't it a bit mass market? A bit beery English expat surviving on English expat food in English expat cafes and pubs? One girl referred to it as "Essex on Sea". (She's from Essex, so she's allowed to say things like that.)

I didn't see the problem. Cheap flights, tons of nice accomodation, and a bunch of historical sights to see and day-trips to take. Surely if it was an "overexposed" destination this was just a case of it being popular for a reason? And besides all that, Costa del Sol, so I was guaranteed a nice dose of warm Mediterranean sunshine.

Well, I was right about everything except one thing.

Cathedral from the Alcazaba

The rain in Spain...

The one component where Malaga really let us down was the weather.

We arrived to our apartment, just next to the Plaza de la Merced, in light rain. That was OK. It was only light rain. Temperatures were still extremely mild, and the forecast said some rain would clutter up the weekend before standard sunshine service was restored to the Costa del Col in the week.

To cut a long story short... didn't happen. Instead, the rain hung around... and hung around...

Plaza de la Merced by night

Until finally, standard sunshine service was resumed. Here's the same square with the glorious blue sky you'd expect... on the morning we left.

Yup, the sun emerged as we sat with luggage waiting for our lift to the airport.

So, really all I can say about the weather is: fuck you.

We did our best to make the best of the week, regardless.

Plaza de la Merced by day


Mmm nice

Cathedral exterior Cathedral interior Cathedral interior
Cathedral interior Cathedral interior Cathedral interior


Yeah parks and ting

Umbrellas on Calle Marques de Lanos Fountain
Cathedral tower at night
Buildings Church
Fountain in Parque de Málaga Cathedral Tower from Parque de Málaga



Sculpture in front of Malagueta bullring Malagueta bullring


In a rainstorm :(

Malagueta beach Waves on Playa Malagueta Ship and cranes from Playa Malagueta Rainswept Malagueta beach

Roman theatre

Below the Alcazaba

Roman theatre

Al Cazaba

Views from the walls

Cathedral from the Alcazaba Alcazaba


Malagueta bullring from the Alcazaba


Port of Malaga from the Alcazaba Misty port from the Alcazaba

Town Hall and gardens

Ayuntamiento and Malagueta highrises from the Alcazaba Jardines de Pedro Luis Alonso from the Alcazaba

Alcazaba gardens

Alcazaba gardens Flowers in the Alcazaba

Wet Alcazaba

Looking up to the Gibralfaro from the Alcazaba Alcazaba drainage channel

Alcazaba architecture

Arches in the Alcazaba
Alcazaba doorways Alcazaba ceiling


Alcazaba courtyard #1 Alcazaba courtyard #2

Parador / Gibralfaro

View down to the bullring

Malagueta bullring from Gibralfaro Parador Malagueta bullring and port from Gibralfaro Parador

And cathedral at dusk.

Panorama time!

Cathedral at dusk Malaga dusk panorama from Gibralfaro Malaga night panorama from Gibralfaro

Night time

Malaga seafront and Ayuntamiento at night, from Gibralfaro Malaga cathedral and fortifications at night, from Gibralfaro Malaga cathedral at night, from Gibralfaro Alcazaba walls

Andalusia 2012

A week on the Costa del precious little bloody Sol

Málaga Córdoba Nerja Ronda