Clapham Common and Stockwell Skateparks

In my usual pursuit of landscape or architectural subjects, I often found myself treating people as an annoyance and an obstruction. But a nagging sense that photographic abilities, or a photographic sense of style, which depended on the absence of people was not much cop, especially in London of all places, prompted me to set myself a challenge to make people the focus of my photos for a change.

So it was that I headed off to Clapham Common, the first of two nearby skate parks on the afternoon's agenda.

Clapham Common Skatepark

Olympics in Putney

I didn't really do the Olympics.

When the ticket sales were announced a year or so before the games, I was in scrooge mode. Money could be spent on better things, I thought. Exposure could be better given to other cities, I added, in noble generosity. And how the hell am I supposed to know if I'll feel like watching weightlifting or shotput eleven months next Tuesday?

So I didn't buy any tickets.

Of course, bloody Boyle went and ruined that...

Cycle road race on Upper Richmond Road
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