Azure Window, Dwejra Bay and Gozo's wonder coast

Gozo has some amazing coast.

Most famously, Dwejra Bay, with Fungus Rock and the Azure Window, Blue Hole and Inland Sea.

Divers in the Blue Hole, Azure Window

Around Gozo

Xewkiji church dome in the distance, Gozo.

Xewkija dome from Ġgantija

On the buses, part 2: Coast of Malta

I'll write text about the coast of Malta, someday

Dingli cliffs and radar station


This was the Valletta I set out for -- a city glowing warmly in the Mediterranean sun.

It was not the Valletta I flew into.

That was a grey, rainy place. It was something of a massive disappointment.

The winter of 12/13 in London seemed to last six months, bitterly freezing temperatures lasting well into what should notionally have been 'spring'. I was desperate for respite, not just for warmer temperatures but clearer skies, and the unbeatable feel of sunshine on skin.

And annoyingly enough, spring had finally broken out in the days before I left. And here I was, paying a lot of money to fly back into dreary drizzly dreck? Noooo!

Valletta from Upper Barrakka Gardens
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